1. Remember when the lion is reunited with the humans who knew him from a cub? Yeh? Ahhhh, it’s great, innit? via joeylion



  4. X-ray of 500lb man (approx 36 stone). via joey lion.


  5. "The deep stillness we seek does not arise because the world is still, or the mind is quiet. Stillness is nourished when we allow things to be just as they are for now, in this moment, moment by moment, and breath by breath."
  6. The super-talented Pauline Boty.

    An early feminist (a decade before the second wave), she tried to establish herself as able to be both an artist and a sexual woman - intelligent and beautiful. She was a founder of the British Pop art movement and the only female painter in the British part of the movement, but as documentation dictates she remains largely written out of history. Boty died months after giving birth to her daughter at the age of just 28.

    "Pauline was a complete and dedicated political artist, doing opinion pieces, acting, theatre design, painting, being the modern woman. When men artists die young they are turned into romantic icons. When Pauline Boty died, her art was buried. Then history gets written by a group of men who are excluding her. That exclusion was wilful and conscious …" - Caroline Coon.


  7. A tour of accents across the British Isles performed in a single, unedited take - absolute amazeballs.

  9. Holy shit, you can tickle a penguin.